XJRH Fiberglass wall mount enclosures

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Supply include:
door with lock system, .
wall mount brackets:4pcs/set.
Mounting plate to be supplied separately as to the clients request Resistance against rusting and corrosion by chemical or atmospherical condition
Easy to machine/easy to move around and install because of its lightness. Door hinges allows more than 180。opening.
●XJRH series is a new switch box, which is made of glass fiber reinforced how far ester produced box, waterproof rating to IP65,impact force reaches IK10 rating. Characteristic itself is mixed polyester 30% glass fiber reinforced to enable it to achieve a high mechanical resistance and rigidity (Ik10)
●Compared with metal boxes, XJRH series weighs only 1/3 of the metal box, but the corrosive, wet environment and so on.

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